Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can lead to extreme amounts of damage and costs.  With our continued low temperatures, it is imperative that preventative measures are taken to reduce the risk of frozen pipes.

What can you do?

Movement is key to the prevention of frozen pipes.  Non-moving water freezes much quicker.  If you are not going to be home, leave the faucet running.  We recommend about a pencil width of flow.

Insulate your pipes.  While this alone is not typically enough to prevent the freezing of pipes, it is still helpful.

Drain all outside irrigation pipes.  

If you do experience a water outage or broken pipe, please call the office for assistance.  We can not work on private property, but in some cases a water outage may be a frozen meter which we can take care of.  Also, if you have a broken pipe and need the water turned off, we will do that at no cost to you.

Frozen Pipe Damage